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I love PJs.  I do wear them to bed and there is nothing better than spending the rest of the day lounging about in them!

The the last 5 or so years I have received a new pair of pyjamas from my husband and kids every mothers day.  They are always the right size but they are never quite right.  They are often just a smidgen to short and not a style I would pick for myself.

For years I have always have always threatened to make myself a pair of nice PJ pants.  It was a  sewing project that I constantly overlooked and pushed aside.  It was a Cake project.  I’m sure you have heard the Cake argument before.  For me Cake is something that you need, the basics, the everyday items that go with the rest of your wardrobe.  Sometimes Cake is not the most exciting thing to make.  Frosting on the other hand is that sewing project you just have to make, a special occasion piece or something that is not really a wardrobe staple.   Tasia has talked about sewing too much frosting and Mari puts her spin on redefining frosting.

PJ pants are very much cake.

Then this month  things just seem to fall into place and a pair of PJ pants were at the top of my sewing list.

1. My MIL asked me to take her to spotlight as she needed some flannelette to back some knitted blankets.  I could hardly just be expected to wait in the car for her.  The flanelette was indeed cheap and I came home with 3m of a cute forest animal print.

2. Stitch 56 recently had a massive clear out sale.  Sewaholics Tofino pants were reduced and somehow made it into my cart!

3. The months monthly stitch challenge is “Let them sew cake!“.  Sew cake, or frosting or be inspired by cake!  These are a great cake project.

4. My old pjs had worn thin and were looking terrible.  Something had to be done.

The main reason I have been avoiding this project is that I thought it was going to be a joyless quick sew.  I had envisioned I would use some free tutorial and turn out a mediocre project.

Well, buying the Tofino pattern took the project up a notch and I am  delighted with the results.

For a start this pattern is designed for a pear and sits higher at the back.  Love.  Number 2, I had control of how long the pants are. I love them touching the floor to keep my ankles warm.  On previous pairs, I had to pull them down to wear across my lower hips to get the length!  Such a dag!

This is a great pattern that is well designed and simple to make.  The fit is perfect.  My measurements were all over the sizings so I cut a size 12 based on the finished measurements of the garment.

Piping is added to the side panels to create a little bit of interest.  I think this detail is what makes these PJs great.  I used pre-made piping from spotlight.  

The only fiddling I had to do was figure out how far from the edge of the fabric I had to baste it to get an accurate seam allowance.

When attaching the panel/piping I didn’t have a piping foot so I made do with what I had, and used my blind hem foot instead.  It has a little channel under the left side foot which I could line up by feel with the piping.  

Then to get the stitching line accurate I moved the needle over by 5mm.

Out of shear laziness I used a metre of wide ribbon rather than make a fabric tie.  

These are great pants.  Honestly, I will wear them everyday!  And really, an item that does get so much wear, deserves the time.  I should have done this years ago.  When summer comes around I have plans for a pair from some beautiful lawn or maybe a voile.

And did you notice my Ugg boots!  These are the best I have ever owned and they don’t get much more Aussie. I have had these for years and if I saw another pair I would buy them  in a heartbeat.  These are Uggly’s.  A cross between and ugg boot and the good old dunlop volley! 

It’s the simple things.