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I am just over half way through my trip and have already been to both of my fabric spots – Arab St and Peoples Park, Chinatown. Both were quite overwhelming with dozens of tiny shops with wall to wall bolts of fabric. 

Arab St is a street filled with fabric shops.  

Each storefront is quite small but some shops are quite deep with multiple levels. They generally all have mannequins out the front displaying their beautiful wares. They seem  to have mostly specialty luxe fabrics, lots of beautiful laces and silks. It was quite out of my budget and nothing that really fits into my everyday wardrobe.  



Peoples park in Chinatown is like an old shopping centre – but gutted. 

The shops are small and full of fabric. They stock mostly cottons, priced between $8-$10/m.

The store holders aren’t too pushy, but they do follow you around their cramped stores pointing out things they think you might be interested in.  

There are are a few stores that sell more expensive fabric too. 

Nicole Xavier had woven woolen fabrics, perfect for a Chanel inspired jacket for $89/m.  They also had bolts of liberty cotton for $49/m (right across the top shelf in the photo below)


There was also a store stocking mainly menswear fabrics.  Lots of dark suiting and a fantastic range of shirting cottons.  They also had a good selection of chino fabric too.  (Bottom shelf)


 I was pretty overwhelmed during my visit, paralysed  by choice.  I only bought two pieces of fabric from Sterling Textiles.  The shop keeper was patient and friendly.

I got a couple of meters of a metallic looking teal linen ($10/m) and a soft grey embroidered cotton.  

The shop below had some nice prints.  I remember birds on a black background and a navy with cream pin dots.

I think I will have to go back to get them!

But, they don’t really fit with my spring wardrobe plan.

Maybe I need a new plan!