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We are heading to Singapore today!  My husband is coming just for the weekend and I am staying for an additional week for work.

The trick to making the most of limited fabric shopping time while on holidays is research.  
My husband loves to shop but when it comes to craft, yarn and fabric stores he has very little patience.  So I am normally given a small window of time by myself to run amok.

Before I leave home I make sure I have two lists

  • what I want to buy and 
  • where I want to go.

Using my Fashionary, I write down the patterns and yardage next to inspiration outfits.  I posted about my Spring wardrobe plan over at Stitch 56. I also have a fair idea if what colour and type of fabric I want.

This stops a lot of random fabric purchases that may linger in my stash indefinitely.   I also have a list if notions and supplies to look out for. This trip I am looking for sewing machine feet.

The second part is planning where I am going to go.  Generally I only have a few short hours available, so I need to make the most of my time.  

Finding where to shop can be tricky. My two main sources are google maps and blogs.

My tip for finding stores is to include  ‘blog’ in you search terms.  Eg fabric shopping (or store) singapore blog.  The results you get are from bloggers talking about either their local suppliers or from someone who has recently visited the area.     I have a look on google maps at where I am staying then add a pin to a private map.  I can then add the stores I find on the blogs to my google map.  Once that is done I can see on my map where the stores are located and if there are any that are grouped together. 

I am very pleased that the hotel that I am staying at is 1.6km from Peoples Park complex in Chinatown and only 1km to the fabric shops in Arab St, Little India.

Most stores on google maps include their opening hours.  After looking at some store sites I have found that Singapore shops open quite late and operate into the evening, closing at 8pm.  Even though I am going for work I will have my evenings free to explore by myself. 

When I leave my hotel I make sure I have my fashionary, a tape measure and my google map loaded on my ipad as well as a printed version.  I also make sure I have address of each store written down clearly. If I get lost it makes it so much easier to ask for directions. I would also consider finding these on a local tourist map too.  

I normally have to watch how much I buy considering baggage limits for the trip home.  Fabric can be surprising heavy.  This trip however, work is paying – I may even need to buy another suitcase!

I am hoping that I will still be able to blog and tweet while away.  I will share my adventures on my instagram account too!