What I wore in the last week was a lot better than the week before.

Day 26 – I wore my red Kielo with a denim jacket to work.  It was a great outfit.

This week I bought a new pair of sketchers.  They are so pretty and OMG so comfortable.

Day 27 and 29 – I based two outfits this week around them – my navy ponte Style Arc fay skirt and a pair of white linen kerry cargo pants.  (no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get a good photo of these white pants)

Day 27 – To work I wore a red knit shirt I made last year.   It doesn’t see a lot of wear.

Day 28 – Wednesday night was the Rugby League State of Origin and even though I am not a football fan I am still a QUEENSLANDER!  This is my vogue 1250.  I made it to wear to a Melbourne cup function a few years ago.  At work that night I dressed it down with a pair of black leggings and a long black cardigan.

Day 30 and 31 – I went to my hardly worn jackets in the back of my closet.  The navy jacket is a Style Arc Audrey made from a thick wool.  It is a cropped jacket with 3/4 sleeves.  It alwasy feels bulky to wear.  I am not that much of a fan of the wide short sleeves, but I asuume it looks nice so continue to wear it regardless.

And on the last day, to saturday morning school sports I topped my RTW outfit off with my Tessuti New York Cape.  I do  love both these jackets and though I never seem to have the occasion to wear them I will try and drag them out more in the cooler months.

What I learned over the last month?

I learned that most of my handmade clothes are for warmer months.  I would have totally nailed Me Made February or March!

There were only a couple of pieces that didn’t get worn because of fit.  And then there were a few that I just don’t love any more.   They will be donated.  There were also a few that didn’t get worn because there was no occasion to wear them or the weather wasn’t appropriate.

Overall I am pretty happy with the amount of handmade clothes in my wardrobe as well as my ready to wear clothes.  I like how my handmade items complement my RTW clothes.  To be honest I did miss wearing some of my favourite store bought outfits.  I don’t think that handmade will ever fully take over my wardrobe.  I am lucky enough to enjoy shopping and find clothes that fit me and I enjoy wearing.  But I am also lucky enough to have the skills to make any item of clothing that I just want and don’t want to fork out the cash for.

Are you striving for a totally me made wardrobe or like me are you happy to have a happy mix?