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As part of the blog I have decided that I will try and find out a little bit more about some of the independent designers out there.

I going to start with Teach Me Fashion. They are one of my favorite Aussie designers.

I first noticed Teach me Fashion while I was searching etsy for new patterns designers.  At that stage they only had a few patterns.  What intrigued me was that they had put together a very professional tutorial for each of their designs.  

Creating a pattern is a difficult task and I was very impressed that they went to the extra effort of making an accompanying tutorial.  It is just perfect for beginners.  On the other hand as a more experienced sewer, you can watch the video, get an in depth overview of how it is all done, then jump right in.  The instructions are always there to help out too.

I got in touch with Teach Me Fashion to find out some more details about them.  

They are an Australian based “mother & son”  team based in Melbourne.  

Heather is the brains behind the designs.   Having lectured at RMIT, she has recently retired from teaching fashion design for over 40 years.   Harrison has digitised the patterns and helps produces the youtube videos.  They are designed teach a range of sewing techniques and skills whilst also making some great garments.

Heather had always been interested in creating tutorials or videos for people from all over the world to learn how to sew without having to go to university or school.   While there are plenty of great tutorials and videos available online, she wanted to make a series of videos & patterns that were more detailed and educational than those currently available. 

Teach Me Fashion are aiming for a more modern & new look. They are hoping to target a more fashion-forward market and sewers wanting to make something slightly new and different. Saying that, their pattern collection includes some great staples such as the leggings, a little black dress (released this week) and some classic skirt designs (coming soon).

In the future they are also hoping to release another 20 patterns in the next year or so they have one every fortnight for the year.  

Heather says ” My greatest passion is teaching people pattern drafting. Once we make around 30 patterns & video tutorials I will start working on creating a pattern drafting video course. I’ll try and get some feedback in the time to see if enough people are interested!”  

I would definitely be interested!

So far I have made two of Teach me Fashion patterns – the elastic waist trousers and the wrap dress.  I have been very pleased with both makes.  

Teach Me Fashion are currently offering Sew Independent readers 25% off their patterns for the month of June.  Simply use the code TEACHMEFASHION at the checkout.

And the winner of the wrap dress pattern was Kirsten who said

Oh, this is really cool – I like clothes that you can change and wear in different ways – now I am torn between the Kielo Dress and this one! Thanks for the review on both patterns.