I am almost embarrassed by my clothing choices this week.  A few overnight shifts and a kid at home sick saw me reach for the same clothes as last week.

Basically I lived in Jeans and a t-shirt all week.  Renfrew, Summer concert tee and my Angel jeans all made an appearance.

I wore my black and brown Kirstens.  I wore the Brown to a course in the city adding my “pond scum” scarf and belatrix for a bit of style.

My e shrug and a knitted vest were thrown over my RTW jeans/shirt combo to add a touch of handmade. It almost felt like cheating.


The only day that I felt I truly made an effort was on day 23 (Friday) when I wore my black merino red velvet dress.  

I am going to try and lift my game for the last week and wear something “new” each day.