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As part of Sewing Indie month I wanted to create an outfit of some nice casual everyday pieces.  A striped maxi skirt, black body suit and red wrap top.  I used polyvore to illustrate my inspiration. Using my imagination the shirt pattern is a nettie body suit and the top is the Pavlova wrap by Cake.

So lets focus on the skirt

The goal was to create a stunning half circle maxi skirt using the black/cream tessuti Jaywalk fabric and enter it in the Jaywalk competition.

Now don’t laugh but I made some really small versions to see how the stripes would sit depending on how the fabric was folded and cut.  I liked the vertical stripes at the back and decided I would add an additional panel of stripes to emphasise the vertical lines.

I  used the By Hand London circle skirt app to do the calculations for a half circle skirt.  

Because I knew that I was including the centre panel, I took 15cm off my waist measurement when inputing the figures into the app.

The Jaywalk stripe fabric wasn’t wide enough for a half circle maxi skirt.  So I had to join the fabric.  There is a seam (skilfully achieved with a waking foot) that is barely noticeable down the right thigh.

You can just see where it is a little out near the orange arrow.

To finish the skirt I created a simple band using my waist measurements, folded it in half and attached it to the top.  Voila.

Unfortunately I had already cut the body suit when the errata came out about the size problems.  I persisted anyway and made a very lovely though very tight bodysuit that must now be considered a shirt with dangly bits.  There is no way they can be done up.

The shirt and the skirt looked great together though a little boring and quite a lot like another outfit I wear often.  I wasn’t happy with it.

The skirt was very heavy and long and I thought I could get away with making it into a dress. This is a picture of the skirt pulled up to the bust line on my model with a scrap of fabric pretending to be a neckline.

 So against advice from my lovely instagram friends I hacked the waistband off my skirt and made it a dress.

For the bodice I decided to get out the already printed, too small nettie pattern and created an empire line bodice.  I cut double layers of fabric to create a sleeveless fully lined tank that will hold the weight of the skirt.  It has the high neck and middle back options.

What do you think?

Using the two layers meant that there was no need to have facings or bindings on the bodice.  It created a very clean finish.

This is the inside of the back of the dress.  You can see where I added the centre back panel.

This is the inside of the front and here you can see the seam.  I chose not to finish the seams with my overlocker.  The skirt seams are pressed open and I didn’t want to add any bulk to the already heavy waist seam.

The stripes do pull a little across the chest but a strategically placed colourful necklace take the focus off it. And Oh how I love the back.  Nice and low but still bra friendly.

This dress ended up ticking all of my sewing challenges for this month in one go!

And just because I am in love with this dress here are some more photos on my mummy dummy.

Now all I have to do is send some photos to Tessuti to enter it in their competition.  Wish me luck!