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I came across Katwise a few years ago.  She is an inspiring and beautiful woman that makes these unique and fabulous coats from upcycled sweaters.  

As soons as she lists her coats on etsy, they sell out immediately.

Lucky for us she has written a comprehensive tutorial to help you make your own.  She guides you through the process step by step with helpful photos and diagrams accompanying the instructions.

This youtube video gives you a quick overview of how the coat is constructed.

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Made entirely on the serger I thought that this was a prefect project for my April Angela Wolf Wardrobe Challenge.  Knowing that I would never wear such a “fabulous” coat I decided to make one for my daughter.  For me I needed something more subdued in colour and everyday wearable.

Katwise suggest using only woollen jumpers for quality and warmth.  Once washed and slightly felted I imagine that these become ideal fabric.

Living in South East Queensland and approaching winter there was a noticeable lack of winter woollen jumpers in the local thrift shops.  

In her instructions she says that you could make this from T-shirts – but to make sure that you use only T-shirts and to not mix your fabric types.  So this this in mind I chose to use light weight acrylic jumpers.   It worked a treat.

I was inspired by these colours for my girl – red/orange/red/pink/maroon.

I wanted a simple black jumper and love the design of the one below.

My daughters coat consists of 8 jumpers and cost me about $35.  I bought 4 black ones for mine and it was $13.  This totally astounded my husband that I used four jumpers to create one!

Gee it was a mess, but it was such a fun process.  The coat only took a few hours and the jumper a lot less than that.  The kids had fun dressing up in the scraps too.

One of the cardigans I picked had a centre front zip.  Quite simply, that was cut off and attached to the front seam of the coat.  The bodice was also chosen for the design that was on the front.  To adjust the fit for her I simply took in an inch up the torso and down each sleeve. 

The beauty of this “pattern” is that you don’t have to be accurate.  Go with the flow – cut and sew.  I stitched them with a simple 4 thread overlock.

The only thing that did my head in was the the fabrics are sewn wrong sides together with the seam on the outside.  I had almost finished the project before I finally felt comfortable with it.

Overall I am very pleased with both pieces.  My jumper is very wearable and very warm without being too out there.

Hers is a little more flamboyant – but she loves it!  Hopefully it will get a lot of wear this winter.

I am so glad that I took up the simply serged challenge, otherwise I may not have ever made these great pieces.   I am also pretty pleased that I managed to make something entirely on my overlocker.


Pattern – Elf Coat Tutorial – downloadable PDF from Etsy

Designer – Katwise

Fabric – Thrifted light weight sweaters and cardigans

Sewing Challenge – Angela Wolf Wardrobe Challenge – April – Simply Serged