I have been taking part in quite a few sewing challenges and competitions recently.  I find them quite motivational and inspiring. It has also made me become quite productive.  Working to a deadline usually gets things finished.

I almost always participate in The Monthly Stitch, though last months Sew Bossy challenge didn’t appeal to me. This month they are Sewing Double – challenging you to remake or recreate a pattern you have previously tackled.  I have the fabric for, and am going to make another Gabriola and Kielo.  Though I may not make the end of month deadline.   Next month the theme is Sew Stretchy.

Not being involved in the monthly stich last month I went looking for another motivation and found Angela Wolfs 2014 wardrobe challenge. The march theme was “Sewing Designer Jeans” and this month is “Simply Serged”.   I have just finished both of these projects and will be blogging about them soon.

While we are discussing sewing a wardrobe, Colette is also currently doing a great workshop series called the Wardrobe Architect.  It is about defining your style land how it fits in with your handmade wardrobe. I was talking to Reana about this at the Brisbane meetup and she said it has changed her life! 

Here are some of the other sewing challenges that I have found.

Rae has her annual Spring Shirt Top Along.   At the moment she is providing lots of ideas and inspiration for a perfect spring shirt as well as quite a few pattern giveaways too.

Makes the Things and An Elemental Life are encouraging us to make Grainline studios Moss mini skirts in the month of April with Moss Making Month.  This is an extremely classic and flattering pattern and can see why it is so popular

Tessuti have just announced their annual sewing competition with your chance to win $1000. Last year the fabric was gridlock and you would have seen some of the brilliant entries in blog land.  This time is is called Jaywalk and it requires you to use either of both of these two striped knit fabrics. Oh the possibilities. The closing date is 10 June 2014.

Recently there was also Kids Clothes Week.  It is a seasonal challenge that encourages you to find time to spend an hour a day sewing clothes for your kids.

And for those that think they spend too much time sewing for the kids and not enough on themselves, Imagine Gnats in conjunction with Kollabora are hosting Selfish Sewing week over the last week of April.  To be honest – I generally only selfish sew! 

Another challenge that is coming up is Me Made May. I have followed this on other sewing blogs for years.  This year I plan to join in. So, Zo …  is hosting it and all of the details are on her blog. She states quite specifically that this isn’t about taking photos of what you wear each day. It is a personal challenge, inspiring you to increase the amount of handmade items that you wear through the month of May. 

There are lots of other challenges, completions and Sew alongs out there to join and be a part of.  Modern Vintage Cupcakes is a great resource and she always keeps up with what is happing right now and what is coming up.

Sewing challenges, competitions, themes and sew alongs are great if you are stuck for inspiration, lost your sewing mojo or just love working to a deadline!  I am hooked.