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My previous set was mostly a success, however the undies and bralette needed some minor adjustments.  I prefer the colours of the first set but this whole set is wearable.

For the Sherri singlet I used a thinner clover bias tape maker (18mm) and actually cut the fabric on the bias. So no surprises that it has turned out a lot better than my first effort.

I do love this pattern and have found it very comfortable to sleep in. When I make it again I will make it more of a dress length to be a nightie rather than a shirt.

Ohh lulu’s Bambi bralette only received  some minor modifications.  To begin with I started with the largest size and to help with fit, the top contrast fabric is knit.  I also cut it about 1″ taller for more more coverage.  It fits quite well and even though it doesn’t provide a great amount of support for me, it is comfy.  But it now that it is bigger it is just not as cute as my first one.

The panties in the above set are the Tried and True knickers from the makers journal. There is an extra inch added to the top at the front and back for extra coverage. I have issues with the elastic on the previous pairs I had made.  This time I measured my hip and thigh where the elastic was going to sit and used that much elastic. Genius!

I had a little fabric left over so I also gave the free Madalynne Amerson undies pattern a try.  

The main difference with this pattern is that there is a seam through the centre which reduces the bulk of the fabric.  I am not totally fussed with the cut of these.  They are higher at the back but they are a bit cheeky across the backside.