I am lucky to have two crafty bestie’s in my life.

Sheridan from Sydney started me down the sewing crafty road years ago. She is all about quilts and fabrics.  We keep in touch often and see each other a few times a year. I love her to bits and she is a major influence in my life.

Susie is my other inspiration and lives locally.  We both lead very similar, busy lives. We have lots in common and share lots of the same opinions and dramas.   Even though we only live 20 mins from each other we keep in touch mostly by email.  But once a month we go out of our way to catch up for dinner and show and tell. 


Last month Susie and I were discussing our upcoming sewing projects and our plans for the year ahead.  

Susie’s sewing style and focus is slightly different from mine.  She sews from her large and glorious stash, and working in a more corporate job sews for her work wardrobe. Our differences make for great sewing conversation.

With that in mind I have asked Susie to be a regular contributor on Sew Independent.  She has sporadically blogged before as YarnPlanner.

This year some of Susie’s goals are to make an Independent Sewing pattern a month, create outfits for her wardrobe and to sew from her stash.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Susie’s sewing adventures as much as I enjoy her conversations about them.