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I am a pattern first kind of girl.

When I am planning my next new project it is generally a specific pattern that I want to make.  It isn’t “What can I make with this red fabric?”.  Though the process may start with the need for a certain piece or item of clothing.

My stash is relatively small, I don’t generally buy fabric with no project in mind.   If I do buy fabric it is something that has caught my attention at the store,  eg. it screamed at me “I would be a fantastic blouse!”.  But more often than not I am dictated by the pattern and I buy just enough fabric, just for that project.  

I have a great collection of sewing patterns that I am proud of and am never hesitant to buy more.  They range from commercial to independent, both printed and digital.  I have women’s, children’s, bag, accessory and quilt patterns.  

In addition I have a multitude of sewing books which include patterns too.  

Realistically I could make from my pattern stash for the rest of my life and probably be able to create any item of clothing or accessory I desire.

With my fascination of Independent Sewing patterns I am easily distracted by a shiny and new release.  But more regularly, I am behind the trend and following the crowd.  I make what is popular because by then it is generally proven to be a good pattern.

Often I will follow a pattern sew-along long after it is finished. Now that my machine is set up next to my computer I find the detailed tips and photos of a sew-along  complement the written pattern instructions.

Pattern designs also grow on me as do fashion trends. I see how other bloggers have made and modified pattern.  Something that initially didn’t appeal suddenly is at the top of my wish list.  

When I choose a pattern, pictures from other bloggers are the biggest help.  I take note of fabric choice, weight and colour.  I notice how the garment looks on the sewer, paying more attention to someone who has a similar build to me.  How a person wears and styles a garment is also a huge factor.  As you can see in the pattern gallery – one pattern can have many looks and look different on different people.

If I had a bigger fabric storage area, or a fabric store closer maybe I would start with the fabric.  But for now, my inspiration is the pattern and I am ok with that.

I would love to know what inspires you and below I have set up a quick survey (hope it works!)

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