Happy New Year!!

2013 was a turbulent year for us and I doubt 2014 will be any different.  My little girl starts a new school and hubby is back to work with a new job. Exciting times.

I am a list maker.  I like to have direction and I like to have it written down. Below are my goals and intentions for the year ahead.

2014 New Years Sewing Resolutions

1. Sew Independent


2. Life is too short for cheap fabric.

Cheap fabric looks cheap.

3. Measure twice, cut once.

Read the instructions all the way through,  If I don’t understand it google it.  Make an effort to make a muslin or do a tissue fitting.

4. It won’t do.

Fix mistakes. Unpick it, remake or re-cut it. 

5. Make the inside look as good as the outside.

Be neat and accurate.  Finish seams and take pride in my work.

6. Use what I have.

Sew from stash – both fabric and patterns.  If I must – buy for a project and make it immediately! DON’T buy to stash.

7. Stay organised and keep it clean.

Tidy up, put things back after each sewing day.

8. Keep challenging yourself.

Try something new, something more difficult or a new technique, fabric or pattern type.

9. Keep documenting.

Use filemaker, journal and blog to document my sewing.

10. Only sew gifts for those that will appreciate it.

Don’t waste my time and have unrealistic expectations that they will understand how much effort I have put in.

11. Finish it or Scrap it.

Lingering WIPs need to be finished or put back in stash or scrapped.

No more Quilts, Knitting, Crochet, Craftsy courses or Stitching projects until I finish (or scrap) the ones that I currently and tediously working on.

12. Make what I love.

Do what is screaming at me the most – not what I think I have to do, but what I want to do.


My 2014 To Do List

WIPs that I must slog through

  1. Quilts – Toes in the sand, Mod Pop
  2. Knitting – Millwater
  3. Crochet – Hexagon Blanket
  4. Craftsy Courses – make the Denim Jacket (Sew Better, Sew Faster), watch Sewing with Knits and Fashion knits , and learn about Shoulder Fitting and Sewing on the Bias

Fabric screaming to be made into something with patterns patiently waiting

  1. NZ wool / Printed Satin – Belatrix Blazer  with lining
  2. Grey Stretch Denim – Craftsy courseIslander Jacket
  3. Grey suiting (from Reverse Garbage) – Winter Laurel
  4. Japanese Knit – Nightie/PJs (girl)
  5. Pink striped knit – Signature dress (girl)
  6. Black Japanese gauze/voile – Saltspring? or Anna?

Other crafty related projects

  1. Organise sewing patterns and enter into database
  2. Finish quilt journal photo book
  3. Update sewing projects in Filemaker

Have you made any sewing resolutions? Any projects that have been lingering for too long that need to be finished in 2014?