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I started Sew Independent because I wanted to have information about Independent Designers and their sewing patterns in one place.

The Designer Directory is a list of designers.  It contains a basic description and a link to their website and webstore.  But it in reality it is more than a list. It is a web database that is curated by me and maintained by my husband.  I can enter and edit data offline.  Soon, hubby will add a search feature and also start categorising the designers by their country of origin.

Whilst collating data for the designer directory I have found dozens of new to me designers and discovered some amazing patterns and unique ideas.  I think I have included details on close to 90 designers at this stage (with a few more to be added shortly).

What I have found has been extremely diverse.  From cheeky knickers and skirts by the Makers Journal to the extremely modest patterns from The Kings Daughters.

Historical patterns from eras gone by from Sense and Sensibility, vintage by Wearing History and Decades of Style, to retro by Eliza M and Sew Chic. Then to the more contemporary styles of DIY couture and the edgy Ralph Pink.

There is a distinct lack of menswear focused companies with Canadian Thread Theory being the only one that truly specialises in mens patterns.  However Colette are trying to fill the hole with their Walden line.

I have not included any companies that only sell children’s patterns but there are some exceptions.  Violette field threads and Green Bee seem to be increasing their lines of women’s patterns.

Almost all of the designers I have found have English instructions.  However along with her own pattern line, Maria Denmark provides a translation of Onion patterns, and Pauline Alice’s patterns are also in French and Spanish. 

This German company Schnittchen caught my eye. I can see this coat as an awesome rain jacket – linen with waterproof lining!  Even though the instructions and blog are in german she has step by step photos on her blog.   Surely it couldn’t be that difficult to figure out.

I am truly amazed and astounded by the amount of talent in the sewing community. 

As a regular feature of the blog I will write some posts and focus on some of the lesser known designers and their patterns. There are some real gems out there.

The details about the companies on the list have come pretty much directly from their websites.  If you are one of the designers and would like me to change the information then please contact me and I will do so immediately.

Also if there is a designer I have not included please let me know.  

I still have a few hidden in ‘draft’ phase.  These designers include those with websites down, a few are in the process of, but have not yet released their first pattern, and some don’t exactly fit my criteria.

I hope you enjoy looking at and using the designer directory.  It is just the tip of the iceberg.  Over the next 6 months we hope to make Sew Independent so much more.