At the end of last month my husband and I took our kids to Japan.  We got a rail pass and traveled by Shinkansen Tokyo-Kyoto-Nagoya and back to Tokyo over 8 days.  It was a whirl wind trip.

Not wanting to drag my family fabric shopping in every port, I limited it to 3 stores in Kyoto that are located close together.  I have traveled to Kyoto before and knew that these stores were worth the wait.

Hobbyra Hobbyre occupies a small portion of the the Takashimaya department store on the 6th floor.  It sells kits and small hand work items. Lots of Sashiko, stitching, cross stitch, embroidery, but also small bags, purses and other smaller sewing projects.  There was also a small range of knitting and crochet supplies.  

You name your craft and they had something beautiful for you to make.  They also stock a small range of fabrics by the bolt;  soft wools, luxe cottons and lots of liberty.  All slightly out of my price range.

On the other side of Shijo street there are two Nomura tailor stores.  

The smaller store located in the Taramaci arcade stocks a large variety of sewing kits, precut fabric and notions.  There are dozens of made up samples around the store for inspiration.  There is also a variety of fabrics available on the bolt.  I picked up a snap purse kit for my daughter as well as a 1/2m of some fabulous double sided linen.

The main Nomura tailor store is located on the northern side of Shijo-Dori between Fuyacho-dori and Gokomachi-dori 

I ventured back to this shop by myself one evening  after dinner – sending hubby back to the hotel with the kids.  

This place is jam packed with fabric – displayed beautifully.  Large swatches of fabric hang from the walls.  Gouped by fabric type, divided into ranges and all colors displayed together.  It is visually stimulating   The swatches are large pieces that you can touch, feel the drape and the fabric texture without having to unroll a bolt to make a mess.

I was so overwhelmed but had a goal.  Some lightweight floral cotton for an Archer and cotton/ linen for matching shorts.  As I was heading to the cutting table I noticed the stairs. On closer inspection I found I was on the bottom of 3 floors!

The 2nd floor was full of wintery fabrics – suiting, wools and heavy knits.  I popped my head into the third floor to find crafting supplies.

I love this fabric store.  The selection and quality of fabric is outstanding and I thought the prices were very reasonable.
I have lots of fabric regrets and wish I had bought more. Next time.