I was inspired by this post by Sarai from Colette wearing a cirlce skirt with a leotard.  I thought I might like to give it a go.

So I combine that want with the theme for The Monthly Stitch,  Sewing from a book – and I used two. 

To create the skirt I used Nicole Mallalieu’s “You Sew Girl” book and followed the formula to create a half cirlce skirt.  For the wasit band I used the instructions for the ‘Tis the season skirt from Sew What skirts.  

The fabric is from Susies stash trash.  It is frightfully bright.

I folded the fabric as per Nicoles instructions.  Using the formula I marked a semi cirlce from the top point.  Then using a tape measure I marked an arc from this line for the length of the skirt.


I  got my calculations wrong (or the formula is incorrect) because the top of my skirt was WAYYYY bigger than my waist.  But there was no turning back so I  begrudgingly persisted and desiced to lightly gather the fabric to fit into the waistband.

Of course because I had kind of lost interested I made a half arsed effort with the gathering which turned out lop sided and uneven.  What I should have done was sew two rows of basting stitches to gather; marked the waist band and skirt;  divided both into quarters and adjusted the gathers accordingly.  But I didn’t.

It was then I decided that I wasn’t going to ever wear this skirt.  It became a muslin and a learning tool.  I practiced with the button hole feature on my new machine and also tried to sew a button on with it too with little success. The first time the needle got stuck in the button and the second time I cracked it! 

And really the only good thing about the back of the skirt is the invisible zipper. It was simple to insert because the way the fabric is folded, both sides of the centre back seam are selvedges.  

Will I make this skirt again?  Probably not.  I like the idea of it and even though this was a bad attempt, this style of skirt just doesn’t suit me.  I have a small waist and larger hips and this style really emphasises the latter.